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By Kevin Belsby

Autumn a Time of Rich Colors and Multifaceted Emotions

DPER Life Center


The autumn months of September, October and November are not always easy months for many people. The promise of the holidays is often overshadowed by good and at the same time poignant memories. The season is not only rich in color as leaves turn from green to various shades of orange and brown, it is also an emotionally rich time for most of us. The feeling we feel at this time can be overwhelming and can cause many to feel a sense of depression as our mind fights to find a sense of equilibrium.

I really love this time of year and (if you don't already) hopefully you can too.  I believe there are several things you can do to enjoy this time year in your own way.

First of all, try to stay in the here and now. Fall is a time filled with emotions and with memories. It is the time we associate with starting school and with the end of summer and vacation times. This can be a time where we spend a lot of time looking backward. We reminisce on the way things used to be or we stay focused on regrets or opportunities lost. We might be looking toward winter with dread, but it's not December yet. This season has a lot to offer; stay in the here and now.

Second, take a good look around and consider autumn it's own unique time. Find a new fascination with things your community is doing during this season. See how necessary fall is in the whole rhythm of the year. Fall is a time that has it's place in our life. The world of fall deserves to be explored and experienced for its own sake. Don't focus only on memories or times past, but on what new experiences lay ahead.

Finally, look for the very best thing possible about the fall for you. Find the best, most realistic way you can go and do things that will give you a positive feeling at this time of year. Maybe start with a fall party that celebrates this time of year. As my wife and I launched our children, we decided that it was time to not just look back with sadness about what once was, but to start some new traditions and experiences. Perhaps you can find a new activity or a special trip that would be memorable and authentic. Then go to it. My wife and I like the fall for a little road trip - someplace close though, nothing too difficult. Sometimes it's nice to get away and do something, and sometimes its nice to get away and then do as little as possible. I love the idea of a mid-fall break.

I like to say to my clients that we need to start and practice a new script in our mind and in our heart. If fall is a difficult time for you emotionally, tell yourself that you can make it a time of beauty and real fun; that it is a time and season that prepares us to look forward to our renewed future in God. If you have a particularly difficult time during this season, give us a call at the DPER Life Center and make an appointment. Most insurances are accepted.


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