Not-so-lazy Days of Summer


When I was young I stayed on my uncle’s farm during the summer. They farmed feed corn, wheat, and hay and had a dairy herd, pigs, and chickens. Their garden for household use was huge. Most of the produce would be canned and used during winter. My cousin and I would get the vegetables for the meal fresh from the garden. It was fun and tasted great especially after taking a detour through the strawberry patch!

Our customers get what they need to make their gardens successful from us at Pioneer True Value Home Center located at 20901 South Street in Tehachapi. We have amendments, tools, seeds and plants. We carry all kinds of vegetables in jumbo packs, 4 inch pots and gallons. We have a great selection of fruit trees including cherry, apricots, nectarines, and apricots with cold hardy root stock. We have grapes and berries for jam and cucumbers for pickling ready to add to your garden. We also have all the canning supplies needed including pickling spice, pectin and citric acid for jam. We carry pitters, peelers, paraffin and canning supplies. And, for those battling critters, we have what you need to discourage or eliminate them.

With the cost of water increasing, a lot of people are choosing to tear out their huge lawns and put in a carpet-sized lawn, a good-sized garden, and use decorative rock on the rest. We have a good selection of decorative rock and river rock is back in stock! We also have shade trees and shrubs to make your home beautiful. Come see us. We are here to help you make your project a success. Want to take a preview? Visit us on Facebook.


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