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Internet dating results

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Several requests have come in for more of my “results” from meeting interesting women off the internet dating sites, so here’s my continuing story.

First of all, let me say this is a compilation from three sites I was using. Names have been changed to “protect the innocent”.

“ConfuseThemMoniker”: A lovely lady with two names so I innocently asked which she preferred to be called or did she want to use both (like Ann Marie). Wrong approach. She was hiding her true identity (okay, protecting it would be more like it) and her real name was totally different. When questioned, she got irritated, so we never did meet even after exchanging phone numbers and personal emails. Darn, she was pretty, too!

“FunAtHeart”: She had a great personality, good sense of humor, focused and definitely fun. So when we decided our stars were crossed and we should meet, I asked her for a photo of herself showing more than what was used in her profile – which was just a “head” shot. Talk about flipping out! She accused me of just wanting to meet women who had “good looks” and that’s why I wanted a picture showing her whole body. I protested that my own profile included shots of my whole torso, but to no avail. She cancelled lunch and never sent any more pictures.

“TenPinsAnnie”: When she emailed me about meeting, I protested that I wasn’t a bowler and we had little in common. What’s the saying about getting back up once more when you’ve fallen down? Her polite persistence paid off and we met at a halfway point between our locations and as I predicted, the only commonality was our interest in eating lunch! Nice lady, though.

“MatchmakerLady”: This was a multi-faceted relationship. She read the column on internet dating and wrote an email to me explaining that her profile on the site was not really her – she wrote it for a friend that she wanted me to meet and who she felt was being scammed and I could be a hero. She actually sent me a picture of her friend – to the newspaper office. Twice! Then she set up a date for the two of us (or three, however you want to picture this) to meet at her home. I politely declined when the pictures arrived as they included a picture of yet another friend of hers in case I didn’t like the first one. Whew!

I am letting my “membership” lapse at a couple of the sites to try some new ones and I’ll fill you in when there’s something to report.

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