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Locals and the NRA are both winners


The thirteenth annual Tehachapi Friends of the NRA fundraising dinner and auction was held Aug. 8, 2015 and enjoyed by many.

“Our numbers were a little down this year, largely due to a printing SNAFU that meant that a good number of folks did not get their event notices, but the generosity of the attendees to support the second amendment rights of all was still strong,” Dory Kline co-chairman of the TFNRA said.

The evening was started with a presentation of the American flag by local Boy Scout Troup 3 with Christopher Lawson playing America the Beautiful on his horn.

After the evening’s prayer led by Kathleen Kline, a TFNRA committee member, co-chairman Mike Barrett called the Kline family up front. Dory Kline, and daughters Sheryl Kolt, Shawn Rose and Kathleen Kline, joined Barrett at the head of the room for the unexpected presentation of a plaque honoring the memory and 12 years of service of Pat Kline – our previous treasurer who passed away in January of this year.

“It was a kind and unexpected thing, so touching. It was only added to by the genuine condolences many of the attendees shared with my sisters and I,” Kolt said. “I didn’t realize so many people would feel the loss of our mother.”

The attendees were treated to tasty food provided by J&M Café out of Bakersfield. Then it was time for the fun to begin.

This year’s event had a few new games to be enjoyed.

A “guns and roses” raffle was held. Forty-eight vibrant red roses with raffle tickets attached, were sold. One ticket was drawn and a lady went home with a model 1911 handgun.

At the “ladies table” attendees could put a raffle ticket in a bucket in front of items such as a holster designed to strap to the bottom of a lady’s bra; a purse that had a holster in it for gals who already have a concealed weapons carry permit or those looking to get one; a set of .45 caliber primer earrings and necklace; and much more.

“Not only do women need to have the freedom to protect themselves, but there are always sporting clay shoots, hunting and other events women are finding they, too, can participate in when it comes to large arena of responsible firearm ownership,” Kline said putting his arm around his daughter Rose, who ended up winning a hand gun in the pre-event gun raffle.

The silent auction tables were filled with a variety of items including a hand-turned antler pen and a hand-turned acrylic lady’s shaving handle, made and donated by Tehachapi artist Kent Shick. Additionally, there were safety oriented items such as a bio-metric hand gun safe, sound dampening earmuffs and a few knives which were up for bids.

The live auction included a multitude of firearms and non-firearm items such as a detailed black and gold print of the specifications of the design and parts of a handgun.

The 2015 TFNRA safe winner won not only the safe seen in the photo above, but became the proud winner and owner of a Kimber riffle, a Rock Island pistol, a Colt pistol, a FMK lower, and a few other treasures to keep him shooting safely.

“We are thankful to all who showed up and helped make this year’s event a success. This includes our dedicated committee members and volunteers who helped us put on this event.

Thanks to those who donated items, including Pacino’s Italian Restaurant, Dorner Family Vineyard, Triassic Vineyards, and Souza Family Vineyards. As well as those who sponsored items like Hunter Dodge, and Alert Disaster Restoration.

“We can’t forget the great contribution Paul Benz makes each year as he donates the use of his corporate facility for the event. I know there are more I am missing, but your contributions are much appreciated,” Barrett said humbly.


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