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Turning Pro from Tehachapi


Neeco “The Rooster” Macias, shown above in the green trunks, now 24 years old, has been boxing for years now. Of late he has fought eight bouts, winning all of them with 4 knockouts to his credits.

“Necco will be signing with Golden Boy Promotions shortly,” Al Macias said as both his proud trainer and father.

But that is not the only Macias “who is turning pro,” Al added.

Chazz Macias, now 18, is “following in [his] brother’s footsteps,” Chazz said with a sparkle in his eyes.

The youngest Macias will be the first professional boxer who is still attending Tehachapi High School to come from Tehachapi’s own Macias Boxing Team, Papa Macias said adding, “They’ve wanted to sign him since he was 16 years old… so here we go.”

“I’ve been fighting men who are over 21 for years now and this way I can earn some money while I finish out high school here in town,” Chazz said excited to hit the ring.

“But it’s not just my boys who are going pro,” Al explained.

A local kid, Juan Villalobos, now 21, has been wanting to be a boxer for years. “He used to walk around town with boxing gloves over his shoulder trying to get a fight with anyone, trained fighters and untrained fighters alike, just to get some experience,” Al said with a chuckle.

“Then one the boys training with us here at MBT introduced him to us,” Al said.

Now he’s found Macias Boxing Team and with the coaching of Al, Villalobos has been having a “K O Fest.,” (a knock-out festival) and that is why he too will be able to turning pro shortly, Al said proudly.

“He has won the World Championship for the second time in two years, so that is why he is going pro too,” Coach Macias added.

The boys started their boxing training in the family garage in Stallion Springs and continue their conditioning in town at MBT on N. Green Street.

Necco “The Rooster” will be meeting his next opponent Aug. 8, Chazz’s next bout will be in late August with Villalobos training his way to his next, unscheduled, bout.


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