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Look what came to dinner!


The barbeque was sizzling and I was setting up for alfresco dining. A gathering of raucous ravens were raging near the top of an old oak. Looking up, I could see what was at the center of their ranting. A bear, curled up in napping fashion and not disturbed by the commotion. I, on the other hand, was anxious! Lickety-split our arriving dining companions were rushed into the house. None among us had ever seen a bear this close in the wild. We looked all around our property to see if the interloper brought any friends. None to be found! Keeping a safe distance, out came the binoculars and cameras.

Our Stallion Springs policeman arrived with sage advice. Take all food and drinks inside, and remove all water sources. He advocated that we enjoy this “nature sighting” from the safe haven of the house. The bear would likely leave when WE, the danger, were gone. We watched from the house and sure enough he came down in a flash that Santa could not match.

I now know why it is suggested you do not run from a bear or climb a tree. They do both far better than people.


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