Houchin Exceeds Prior Years


16 year old Joshua Sparling donates for the 2nd time! 16 year olds can donate with a parental consent form that can be downloaded from our website at www.hcbb.com.

Best year ever! Does that sound familiar? It probably does, I wrote a column just last year about how much this community has stepped up to support our patients and donate more blood than ever before.

Well, you've done it again, and then some! In 2014 with many new donors, and returning partners hosting blood drives, we have had a record year! 1346 units of blood, collected in the Greater Tehachapi Area, have gone out to our local hospitals and touched the lives of Kern County patients and their families. With each unit potentially helping 3 patients - that reflects 4000 people who were touched by the priceless gift of life!

We could not have done it without our local partners, Albertson's, Bear Valley Whiting Center, CCI, Good Shepherd Church, Stallion Spring CSD and Walgreen's. As we approach Valentine's Day, let's consider the sweethearts young and old that still have their loved ones thanks to your random act of kindness, of donating blood.

Join our life saving team and donate blood Tuesday, Feb. 3rd at the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church from noon-6 p.m. For an appointment call 661-616-2505 or visit our website at http://hcbb.com. People live when people give!


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