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By Sue Wonacott
Medicare certified insurance agent 

Life Insurance: Why Do You Need It?


Life insurance is a gift – yes, a gift – we give to our loved ones. Without it, they do not have the money to perhaps cover our burial, their ongoing living expenses, and college expenses. It is the one gift given to them at the time of our death, the gift of money.

When our office is notified of one of our client’s deaths, we carry their policy with us constantly so the money can be distributed immediately to the beneficiaries.

There are different types of life insurance. Term life insurance is just like the name implies, it is for a specified term and is the “most bang for the buck.” At age 30, you can purchase a Farmer’s value term for $16.34 a month for 20 years, with a 20 year guaranteed level death benefit until age 90. The death benefit is sometimes referred to as the face amount. The death benefit is the amount payable in the event of death. The premiums are guaranteed to remain level during the first 20 years. After the twentieth year, the premiums will increase, but are guaranteed to never exceed the rates as shown in your insurance contract. At the end of that term, 20 years, the insurance terminates unless a death occurs, then the benefit amount is paid out.

With term insurance, say you have 2 children at home; this insurance will cover your loved ones, for the period of time they are at your home.

If you bought whole life insurance, another type of insurance, the rates are very high now.

Some of our claims from our agency:

We had a father with two children, who was killed in a car accident, on the back road of Tehachapi. Luckily he had taken out the policy 6 months earlier to protect his family.

A policy for an older parent taken out by the adult children took care of the $10,000 final expense that they would have had to pay.

We had a $100,000 claim for a client who lingered for two years with cancer before finally succumbing to cancer. The family could have accessed part of the funds ahead of time because the policy had an accelerated death benefit. Just like the term, term insurance, accelerated death benefit is just what the words mean, taking some of the benefit before death.

In all cases, we took care of the funeral and proceeds were given to the beneficiaries in less than two weeks.

Doctors, lawyers, and funeral directors all come with bills and problems. We are the only ones who walk in with a monetary solution!

Why add extra stress at an already difficult time when you can prevent this with a well planned life insurance policy?

Just like your grandmother or mother baked cookies for you with lots of love; you can show your love, concern and compassion for your loved ones with the gift of life insurance.

It is my pleasure to help you choose the most appropriate life insurance plan for your family. I am available at Marty Pay Insurance Agency (Farmer’s Agency) 121 East F Street, Tehachapi, and may be reached by cell phone (661) 304-4695 or at the office (661) 822-3737 or drop me a note via email

I look forward to meeting you and serving you with integrity and compassion


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