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By Cathie Sibley
Owner of La Bella Amore Italian Bistro 

A Kinder World

Taste of Italian


Why is it so hard for us to accept those who are different from us? Are we afraid that if we accept them, we will become like them?

If we accept same sex relationships does that mean we secretly want one for ourselves? If we help the homeless are we putting ourselves at risk of ending up in the same situation? If we embrace those from other nations are we acting against our own country? If we give to someone do we fear not having enough for ourselves?

I don’t understand the small narrow minded thinking that has become so prevalent in today’s society. I don’t understand the gang mentality fostered in social media.

I don’t understand the overwhelming need for fame that propels a group of teens to beat the living snot out of a friend and post a video on you tube.

I don’t understand the mass shootings, which mostly boil down to the fact that things didn’t go someone’s way. When did the answer to unhappiness become mass murder? I don’t understand.

Why has a nation founded by citizens of many nations become so fundamentally opposed to those who disagree with our ways?

Sometimes I don’t recognize the world we live in today...we have done our level best to make it better. But I fear we have not succeeded. I fear the world is more judgmental, more intolerant, more selfish, and more violent than ever. This makes me sad and ashamed.

I know inside that I have contributed to the problem in my own ways. I’m guilty of being selfish, judgmental and intolerant also.

When we look at others why can’t we see the truth? The truth that we all want the same be be accepted...and to be loved. I think if we could see that truth, then maybe, just maybe...the world could be kinder. The world could be more tolerant and less judgmental. Maybe the world could be safer...maybe we could feel loved.

Peace and blessings to all...and may you be safe, accepted, and loved!


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