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Spring is here, so no more clinging to the remote saying, “I’ll go out as soon as the snow melts.”

he snow has melted and now it is yard shape up time. The first look at the yard after winter is sobering. It is brown and untidy, but it doesn’t take much to get it back in shape. Remember, it’s only eight weeks until the Fourth of July and having the best yard for the BBQ is a priority.

At Pioneer True Value Home Center we have what you need to revive your lawn, fix your sprinklers, replant bedding areas and add new trees and shrubs. We have the green goods, bagged and bulk soil amendments, bulk decorative rock and weed preventers. More importantly we have the gopher baskets to protect your new shrubs and trees and a selection of products to control all kinds of pests. My personal favorite is the electronic pest chasers. They have saved my garden from rodent ruin by keeping the rabbits and other critters out. I like to use layers of protection so I combine it with a repellent to increase its effectiveness. I also use snake repellent to discourage rattlers from our yard. Before we started using the repellent I had the “snake guy” on speed dial. He was picking up a rattler about once a week. This became a major concern when we were hosting a wedding at the house four years ago and we had to keep these uninvited guests out. The repellent worked like a charm and we continue to use it.

I have found an “easy-peasy” way to get the yard back in shape quickly and without breaking a sweat. First, Don and I make a list of what needs to be done. Second, we go over the list and get our game plan laid out. Then we get into our work clothes, shoes, and gloves and get the appropriate tools and equipment for the job. We make sure we have the fuel for the lawn mower and weedeater. We get an early start—no later than 8 a.m – and encourage each other to “Get it done!”

This is the best part. About 8:15 I tell Don I am going to start lunch and trot off to the house and take off my gloves and grab a cup of coffee. I sit enjoying my coffee while listening to the faint whine of the weedeater. I serve him lunch at 12:30 and, just like magic, the yard already looks great. I’m not even winded! After lunch I put on my gloves, grab a rake, and work for another 15 minutes. “Time to start dinner now”, and I take off for the house. That is my “easy-peasy” way to get lawn work done. It’s been working for forty years, and it’s only a matter of time before Don catches on.

At Pioneer True Value Home Center we have the parts, products, and advice that will make your job easy. Remember, before the BBQ, to bring your knives here to be sharpened. A gorgeous yard and a sharp knife to cut steak make for a perfect Fourth of July.

Start right. Start here. Pioneer True Value Home Center in Old Town.


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