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By Kathryn Johnson
Spring, 2014 Special Supplement 

News from Abundant Harvest

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April 26, 2014

Life is great here in Tehachapi, Calif.

The earth is beautiful and full of life.

Each little spot is brimming with beauty

Each little area is hoping for a new beginning this spring.

The Earth is hoping to sustain.

How do you achieve sustainability in your own life? In your share of this planet called Earth?

Each week when Abundant Harvest subscribers pick up their box we also get a copy of the FreshFacts newsletter.

It is useful information and the thoughts of our primary farmer Vernon Peterson. Last year I felt one of his newsletters said it all, so I am sharing a revised copy.

Now on to the sage words of Vernon Peterson:

"So here we are folks, welcome to post-2013. If I've got the pulse right, lots of folks are sorting out what's important and necessary and sustainable, and what isn't. What's worth investing my life in, and what's going to be out there on the yard sale in a year.

"I think more than ever, people have their phony detectors pretty tuned-up. Make it real, or make it go away is the unspoken motto of lots of people I know. Give me real, long-term value, not just lots of junk for a buck! Am I sayin' it straight?

"We've spoken quite often about what sustainability means for this farm, for this farming alliance you're part of, and for farming in general; but, I don't believe we've ever applied sustainability to our own lives before, and the new year, with its new goals is a perfect time. After all, if it's not sustainable, it's not maintainable.

"Get in shape and stay in shape, but first define what that means so you'll be content when you get there and you can sustain it. I used to run four miles with some other guys three times a week, but around age 49, the joints couldn't take the pounding anymore. Now, I do sprint eights three times a week against full resistance on an elliptical machine – tough, doable, sustainable, and satisfying.

"It's going to mean something else for you, but define it so you feel right accomplishing it. If you're young, being in shape is cool. As we age, it's imperative if you intend to enjoy a full life, not to mention leading the next generation; it's hard to lead a charge if you can't run.

"Finally, and this will sound self-serving coming out of a box of organic produce, but enjoy real food.

"If great-grandma wouldn't recognize it, for goodness sake, don't eat it! For us, this last one pulls in relationships, family time together, and a sustainable life pace; not just the good, the best! Eat healthy!"

Thank you Vernon for once again bringing us a moment of reality. I am still running the race and each day is a little better because I have chosen to eat healthy!

Now back to our Little part of the world. Great News for Tehachapi

Coming soon! The "Original Apple Shed" along with Abundant Harvest Organics and other local organic farms will have "Organic Night at the Salad Bar." The Original Apple Shed has a new management team and have made some wonderful changes. One of my favorite's changes is their Soup and Salad Bar. Their new General Manager, Mano Lujan, has agreed to make one day per week an organic day. Mano has always been a restaurateur who embraced local and organic. Due to cost and availability he has used some organic products, but never enough to make it a byline. At this time the Apple Shed has organic lettuce at their salad bar on several days per week. Sometimes there is other items and Mano is adding a white board so you know what is organic on that day. We are looking forward to a weekly organic day. This will give us several selections on the salad bar and soup bar. We are hoping for an organic pasta and bread option too.

My heart has skipped a beat at the thought of being able to go out to eat and still eat healthy! Wow, what a day I have had today with all of these new ideas.

I like to go out with my husband for a bite to eat once in a while, but where was I to go? Now we can go for food that is going to taste good and be healthy all at the same time. I will let you know as soon as we have a date for these changes.

We do all we can to make our earth a little better. To give growth and new life a chance.

We try to be good stewards of what is around us. We believe that to sustain we must be aware, be available to support those who are working towards sustainability and believe it is possible to sustain our Earth and our life in a healthy manner.

We try to leave things a little better than when we got here.

Organic day at the salad bar will be one of those things.


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