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By Marvin Amato
Cycle and Go 

Biking: Five Tips Before You Go

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April 26, 2014

Here are five ways to get your bike up and running for the spring and summer months.

• Wash and dry your bike – If your bike has been sitting around, or just needs a bath, cleaning your bike is a good idea. Please don't use a pressure nossle when washing your bike, since the water could force its way into the bike's bearings. Immediately after washing your bike, be sure to dry every nook and cranny with an dry and absorbative towel.

• Check tire pressure – Having the right amount of tire pressure reduces tire wear (so your tires last longer) and reduces the amount of effort needed to accelerate while biking. Check your pressure again right before biking in case of a slow leak.

• Oil chain and gears – A bike is a like any machine; when well oiled, it runs smoother and more quietly. There are different types of lubicants, and – with the hot weather approaching – be sure to use a lubricant that can take the higher temperatures in summer.

• Check for loose parts – Check your axels for secure nuts, that your chain isn't too loose or too tight, and your breaks are secure and well functioning.

• Safety gear – Everyone has a spill from time to time. At night, be sure to wear a reflective jacket, have a dependable bike light, and that the reflectors on your bike are all there and clean. Also be sure to obey California's Bicycle Laws and always wear a helmet.

Above all have fun and enjoy the outdoors!

Call Marvin "the bike guy" at 661-972-1206.


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