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By Daphne Sherring
The Pet Nanny 

A Furry Love Affair

The Pet Nanny



Greetings my fellow pet lovers. I'm the Pet Nanny and I am so delighted to share a unique story of Buddy, the Bichon-Poo, and his best friend Molly, a tiger and white striped kitty. Buddy's tale begins at a busy intersection in Valencia, Calif. He was darting frantically in and out of traffic. Suddenly, a pet rescue worker happened to be driving by and spotted him. Buddy was horribly matted, covered in dirt and only weighed nine lbs. His weight should have been 18 lbs. Incidentally, that very same day, my dear friend woke up that morning and decided she couldn't live without a dog in her life one more day.


It had been three years since the passing of my friend's beloved dog. She called her vet to see if he knew of any adoptable dogs and remarkably they had just received a little dog that morning. My friend met Buddy that day and it was love at first sight. Buddy has truly lived up to his name, because a year later my friend adopted a five week old kitten. Buddy immediately decided he was Mr. Mom.

Buddy and Molly are inseparable. They eat, play, and sleep together. It's so cute to see them waiting in front of the large picture window for their parents to arrive home from their travels or when I have the privilege of caring for this adorable duo.

I believe our hearts and homes become brighter when we take a chance to love - especially after a tragic loss of a pet. Won't you allow the healing joy of sharing yours today? May your day be full of love and peace.

Blessings, Daphne Sherring

Daphne is available to take care of your fur babies. You can find her information in the Pets Section, pg. 6 of this issue.


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