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Photographer Leslie VoVilla


Leslie's interest in photography began after she and her husband Matt moved to Bear Valley Springs, in Tehachapi California a few of years ago. Moving to the mountains where the wild life is so plentiful and ventures so close to the back porch inspired her to pick up a camera and record the magnificent creatures and unbelievable moments. Now the curiosity has become a passion.

A self proclaimed artist most of her life, Leslie has studied at the New York School of Design, studied painting in both Watercolors and Oils, and dabbled in the fashion industry with a line of woman's clothing.

Leslie has received several awards for her photographs of the "Central Coast Elephant Seals"; she has been invited to show her work in several local businesses and galleries and has produced a line of greeting cards that reflex her many interests.

Leslie's work can also be seen on her web site [This photo is in serpentine format not black and white.]


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