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  • My dad

    Sheila Hagel Zanghi, contributing writer|Jun 8, 2024

    If my dad had not been my dad, I would have been blessed to have just known him. It seemed everyone loved my dad and children adored him. We called him the baby whisperer because whenever there was a fussy baby at a gathering the baby would be handed to my dad to deal with. In a matter of minutes, the cranky baby would become a cooing giggling baby. In fact, when our friends were up with their very fussy 8-month-old, they were reluctant to leave her with my folks as we went to a meeting. Our fri...

  • Memories of my mother

    Sheila Hagel Zanghi, contributing writer|May 11, 2024

    My dad worked in a garage and my mother was a stay-at-home mom who kept everything going. They were a great team. She was, by necessity, very frugal. Growing up, I didn't get a store-bought dress until I was entering the seventh grade. She sewed most of our clothes and touched up the hand me downs, so they looked new. They were able to feed and clothe us and we all were given musical instruments and lessons. My older sister got a piano, and my younger sister got an oboe. I got an accordion,...